New platform allows brands to assess their “Digital Worthiness”

AT Worthy

October. 04, 2022 ARLINGTON, Va.

AT Worthy provides a global digital rating system that measures the entities’ Digital Worthiness. AT Worthy’s platform helps businesses focus on improving their Customer Experience through the adoption of digital.

AT Worthy, the Digital Worthiness rating system, is now live.

Entities around the globe, from several industries, have long tried to leverage technology on behalf of their business growth and customer engagement. Still, they need to show that investment in the same ways they are displaying the quality of their products and services. AT Worthy has launched the solution that will help any business to demonstrate its digital worthiness alongside its product quality – usually rated by star systems (user-generated or institution-led).

AT Worthy, created by a team of experienced sales and technology veterans, came up with a Digital Rating system that, on one hand, allows the entity to measure and illustrate its digital worthiness to the consumers and to boost their competitiveness edge, and on another hand, paves the way to the consumer to locate a business that meets its digital needs and expectations while consuming good-quality products or services.

AT Worthy’s Digital Rating system: a double-edged consecration

Today’s customers continue to be interested in the quality of your products and services. They aspire for more than a good quality product or service. They look for businesses that can differentiate themselves by offering a more satisfactory Customer Experience.

Consequently, brands understand how much digital can improve their customer experience. They need to show their customers how much they are Digitalworthy.

An easy-to-use platform that provides Digital Rating and advises on enhancing entities’ digital worthiness

The Digital Worthiness concept emerged from the brands’ belief that customer experience is an opportunity when co-created with consumers. That’s why AT Worthy proposes a rating system that bridges the gap between the business’s digital worthiness and customer expectations.

AT Worthy provides a trustworthy rating system based on six major categories; Web, Mobile, Connectivity, Digital Property, Digital Media, and Customer Relations.

Digital Worthiness is the core of the Digital Rating system. Still, it is, at the same time, considered an attribute that businesses would use in their marketing and communication tactics. It is also a management tool to guide the business on the improvement needed throughout the six categories.

The Digital Worthiness concept is industry agnostic, but the digital rating system is tailored to meet every segment of every industry’s customer experience. The digital rating results from a self-answered questionnaire built around a set of questions that may vary from one segment to another. For instance, the Digital Rating is available for several segments of the following industries: Hospitality, Education, Health, Entertainment, and Commerce.

The Digital Rating is a unique differentiation advantage. Besides the Rating itself, the badges, and the certificates to display, business entities will have access to: a tailored Analytics Dashboard, a Public Profile, a detailed Digital Worthiness Report, and much more.


AT Worthy Technology, Inc. is a mission-led company committed to supporting the ongoing operations of the Digital Rating systems, ensuring the progress and the stability of the rating framework, and establishing and enforcing the digital worthiness policies.

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