About Us

AT Worthy was established on the core belief that digital integration is vital for enriching the customer experience across every touchpoint of their consumer journey.

While traditional star ratings offer valuable insights into the general quality of a product or service, they don’t adequately account for the strategic digital investments that modern businesses have made to meet the evolving needs of today’s customer.

 As someone deeply ingrained in the digital and internet ecosystem for years, I recognized a glaring gap in how we evaluate businesses today.
Despite living in an era where digital presence is no longer optional but essential, it struck me that there was no metric for measuring a company’s ‘Digital Worthiness.’ This need became even more pressing as digital solutions became integrated into every facet of our daily lives.
That’s why we conceptualized and built AT Worthy’s unique digital rating system. Our platform serves a global audience and serves as a vital source of information for customers in choosing businesses that meet their digital needs.

Khaled Koubaa - Founder AT Worthy

A Family of Experts United in Championing Digital Worthiness.

AT Worthy Team

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Digital Rating

As a purpose-driven technology firm, AT Worthy Technology, Inc. is dedicated to harnessing technological innovation to deliver impactful products and services. Our core functions encompass sustaining the day-to-day operations of the AT Rating system, guaranteeing its stability, and formulating as well as enforcing the governing policies of the AT Rating system.

The Digital Rating system operates under the umbrella of AT Worthy Technology, Inc., an innovative Internet enterprise with a worldwide reach and global influence.


Our Footprint

We operate as a remote-first organization, with footprint across four continents.


Virginia, US


Tunis, TN


Dubai, UAE

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