Digital Rating

Inspired by the traditional “star rating” () as a measure of quality. The AT (@) is a sign of the digital worthiness of an entity. It is a measure of how the entity uses digital along its customers’ journey: before, during, and after.

The Digital Rating assesses how much your entity has invested in digital technology to benefit today’s savvy technology-oriented customer.

A customer’s digital experience starts right at the beginning of considering their consuming act. The quality of the product or service itself, in any sector, is no longer enough.
Today, consumers need to interact with every touchpoint in their journey, from considering an entity to reviewing consuming options and arriving at your premises.
Throughout their experience with you, you need to make it easier for your customers to enjoy, immerse themselves, and share their journey.

The Digital Rating positions your entity along the journey your guests take with you and shows them how aligned you are with their needs before visiting you.

The Digital Rating is calculated based on a self-answered questionnaire to assess your entity’s digital worthiness

Number of AT

The questionnaire is divided into six categories:

Assessment: Web
Assessment: Mobile
Digital Property-Questions
Digital Property
Assessment: Social Media
Digital Media
Assessment: Customer Relation
Customer Relation
Assessment: Connectivity