FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

The AT is the sign of digital. It has been chosen as a symbol of the digital Worthiness Rating. 

Each property will display its Digital Rating either on its premises, its website and social media or both.

Properties may choose the Business or the Platinum plan and get their profile published on AT Worthy Directory.

Each Digital Rating Certificate is issued with a unique Reference. You can verify the certificate validity on the atworthy.com website

AT Worthy acts as an independent third-party free of any commercial bias to ensure a consistent and meaningful digital worthiness rating.

AT Worthy way is to actively reach out to customers to communicate substantive rating framework’s change using the appropriate methods of communication.

Entities pay annual fees to access the dashboard and a multitude of features. The Digital Worthiness Rating can obtained for free through the Starer Plan.

AT Worthy takes several measures to safeguard against deceitful ratings. We built the necessary technology and hired a dedicated team committed to protecting the integrity of our platform.

We understand a low rating can be disturbing. We recommend considering this as an opportunity for your entity to address the gaps to improve your digital worthiness.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for assistance.