Digital Worthiness

is the state of offering a digitally-enabled experience worthy of praise.

DCX Market Intelligence

The quality of products and services is no longer the only criteria influencing any customer’s decision. It is now also about being a digitally-savvy consumer who feels a connection to the brand and the company. This is a two-way street. The customer needs will continue to change, and digital communication will also evolve across all customer journeys.

Businesses have increasingly adapted to these technological changes. Perhaps they have already made investments to meet their customer’s digital needs like automation of processes and a realignment of the marketing and social budgets. They aim to meet their customers where they are during their digital journey. It is essential to maintain this evolution and even adopt a digital rating for a brand/property.

When businesses invest in their product/service quality, they typically obtain a star (⭐) rating provided either by institutions or user-generated reviews platforms. But until now, there has been no rating system to value the investment in being present during their customer’s digital journey and thereby improve their customer’s digital experience. In short, the lines of communication may be there, but the signal quality is unclear.

The Solution

Digital rating system

A comprehensive, self-answered questionnaire that uses intelligent algorithms and AI to generate a rating score on a grade from 1 to 5 @ symbols. The questionnaire is specific to an industry’s segment, and the Rating is independent and objective. The AT Rating is a badge that symbolizes the Digital Worthiness of a property. It marks a new criterion for differentiation in the market to help connected customers make an informed choice and determine whether they will be heard.

Digital Worthiness Day

Celebrating Digital Worthiness Day is crucial in today’s increasingly digital world, emphasizing the importance of offering exceptional digitally enabled customer experiences.

This day serves as a reminder for businesses and individuals to reflect on their digital practices, strive for continuous improvement, and adapt to the evolving needs of their customers.

Digital Worthiness Day fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation through various events and activities, driving the industry forward and promoting a more inclusive and satisfying digital environment for all.

By commemorating this day, we raise awareness about the significance of digital worthiness, encourage positive change, and contribute to enhancing customer experiences in the digital sphere.