New adventure for AT Worthy with the On Deck Founders program

On Deck Founders

AT Worthy has been selected into a well regarded Silicon Valley year-long program, “On Deck Founders“, Cohort ODF15 starting from September 2022.

AT Worthy’s primary goal is to help brands offer their customers a digitally-enabled experience worthy of praise. Our participation in the On Deck Founders program will be a big step towards making this dream come true.

This very well-known program has helped 2,500+ founders explore and accelerate their startups in the past two years. Among them, more than 1000 built companies now worth over $9 billion, like PAVE, Puzzle, Phantom, SecureFrame, and LoopHealth.

The On Deck Founders program is an excellent opportunity for AT Worthy to get access to the On Deck network and form meaningful connections with builders; learn best practices, frameworks, and tactical skills with expert-led fireside chats and hands-on workshops.
Also, it’s an opportunity to build deep relationships through virtual events and masterminds and help explore markets, validate ideas, and get ready to raise (+3000 Investors).

A new adventure is waiting for AT Worthy to meet other founders and shed the light on the digital worthiness standard.

Maybe see you there soon! Meanwhile, don’t wait to get your AT Rating and become Digitalworthy now!



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