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This menu is Insta-friendly


Did you know?

Instagram is the 8th most visited website in the world.
Instagram is the 4th most used social platform.
Instagram is the most-downloaded app in the world.
Instagram has more than 2 billion active monthly users
Instagram’s audience is 52.2% male
47% of American adults use Instagram
Instagram is Gen Z’s favorite social platform
61% of 12-to-17-year-olds use Instagram weekly
Users spend an average of 11.7 hours/month on Instagram
Americans spend 30.1 minutes per day on Instagram
Instagram accounted for 17% of the time U.S. adults spent on social media in 2022
The most active brands post 17 Stories per month
Instagram is the #1 social media platform for people to connect with brands
15% of U.S. shoppers start their online shopping searches on Instagram
Instagram accounts for 7.51% of web traffic referrals from social media
61% of Instagram’s advertising audience is aged 18 to 34