Web Summit 2023: HERE WE COME!

Welcome, tech enthusiasts and innovators, to the most anticipated tech event of the year: Web Summit 2023!
This global gathering of minds and innovation is set to take place in the vibrant city of Lisbon from November 6th to 9th. It’s an event that holds immense importance for AT Worthy, as we proudly take our place among the chosen startups to be part of this huge event.

Key Takeaways
  •  AT Worthy is a chosen startup at the Beta program of Web Summit 2023.
  • Web Summit is the place where the future of technology is crafted.
  • Main AT Worthy’s activities at the Web Summit for an unforgettable digital experience.

The Convergence of Visionaries: Navigating Web Summit 2023 with AT Worthy

The moment we have all been eagerly awaiting is fast approaching — Web Summit 2023. Taking place in the bustling and vibrant capital of Portugal, Lisbon, from November 13th to 16th, this pivotal event holds particular resonance for AT Worthy. We are honored to stand among a select cadre of startups chosen to partake in this monumental gathering.

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The Crucible of Disruption and Ingenuity: Web Summit 2023

Founded in 2009 by Paddy Cosgrave, David Kelly, and Daire Hickey, Web Summit has burgeoned from its initial Dublin roots to firmly establish itself in Lisbon since 2016. With a thematic focus encompassing internet technology, emerging technologies, and venture capitalism, the summit has grown into a nexus of innovation and inspiration. Partners and attendees span the spectrum of the global technology sector, from Fortune 500 stalwarts to agile startups. An eclectic cadre of speakers — including luminaries such as Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and U.N Secretary-General António Guterres — lends further gravitas to the proceedings.
In essence, Web Summit stands as a beacon for transformative thinking and disruptive technologies, epitomizing the pulsating energy of the global tech ecosystem. The summit serves as a formidable arena where the titans of technology and fledgling startups convene to conceptualize and actualize the future.

AT Worthy's Ascendancy: A Chronicle of Innovation and Recognition

For AT Worthy, our selection for participation in Web Summit 2023 serves as a vindication of our relentless pursuit of digital excellence. It corroborates our ethos of trailblazing technological innovation and aligns with our commitment to curate digitally-enabled experiences. This esteemed recognition validates the diligence, ingenuity, and pioneering spirit that animate our team’s daily operations.

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Focal Points of Enthusiasm and Aspiration

As a vanguard in the technology sphere, AT Worthy perceives Web Summit 2023 as an unparalleled confluence of inspiration, innovation, and interconnectivity. With bated breath, we look forward to plunging into the cauldron of emerging trends, unearthing avant-garde technologies, and forging collaborations with the architects of tomorrow.

An Invitation to a Synergistic Future

In anticipation of this electrifying foray into the core of the tech cosmos, AT Worthy extends a warm invitation to you. Join us in Lisbon from November 13th to 16th to co-navigate this transformative journey. It promises to be an exploration beyond the frontier of what we collectively deem possible in the expansive realm of technology.

We encourage you not to let this unparalleled opportunity slip by. Make it a point to visit the AT Worthy stand and become an active participant in the unfolding technological renaissance.
We eagerly await your presence in Lisbon. Let us jointly usher in an era of unparalleled digital worthiness and technological advancement.

See you in Lisbon!



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