The Origin

Our mission is to enhance the world’s digital worthiness.

What does that mean? To us, we believe in the power of technology to amplify a positive transformation in people’s lives.  To do so, we help organizations better assess their digital worthiness via the measurement of effectiveness whereby their customers enjoy a digitally-enabled experience. 

Hello, I’m Khaled Koubaa, the Founder and CEO of AT Worthy Technology.

AT Worthy Technology was formally established in July 2019. Initially, we aimed to create a network of websites under the brand “Abweb.” Each website was designed to offer specialized content about a particular subject or industry, with revenue coming from advertisements.

But as we embarked on this journey and various A/B tests through detailed discussions with our team, we reassessed our approach and reimagined our business model to set us on a path of new directions.

Along the way, one idea stood out: the concept of a rating system for digital. The idea evolved to benchmark a businesses’ digital presence and truly excited our team. It was clear that our passion lay in this direction.

Thus, we changed our focus. While content generation and advertising are valuable, we recognize that to provide a rating system to assess digital worthiness fits within our long-term vision and even improves the overall mission.

AT Worthy was born from a personal experience that underscored the need to acknowledge and rate businesses’ digital efforts. As the creator of the Digital Worthiness concept, my goal was to honor the companies that authentically value their digital presence and help those that lag behind.

The concept originally emerged in 2017 from a single instance of dissatisfaction. My family and I were at a five-star hotel in Tunisia – my home country – when we noticed a server scraping the remains of the plates into a box in the middle of the dining area. This sight was rather unsettling, and while I took a picture, posted it on Facebook, tagged the hotel, and publicly criticized this unprofessional behavior – I knew there was more I could do to help others.

The next day, the hotel’s customer service called, acknowledged their mistake, and apologized. The hotel’s director-general even invited my family to a complimentary dinner at their restaurant. This experience changed my perspective in two ways:

  1. As a customer, I had evolved. I voiced my concerns through digital media, I did not feel helpless, and my online engagement felt more relevant than the traditional route of going to reception.
  2. The hotel had also evolved. Their digital strategy allowed them to quickly identify my complaint and respond to it. If they had not invested in such a strategy, then my dissatisfaction might have been overlooked, resulting in a negative experience. This allows any company to get ahead of “bad reviews” elsewhere.

These realizations sparked a question – how could I identify which establishments were genuinely investing in digital advancements to enhance customer service?

Our project initially took the name Ospitality, representing Hospitality without the ‘H’ and a new digital approach. It later evolved into H-AT Rating, indicating how digitization is transforming the hospitality industry.

However, we soon realized that digital rating had broader implications than just hospitality. Entities across all sectors are investing in digital strategies, trying to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations. We needed a universal term to encapsulate our expanded scope. Thus, AT Worthy was born, with the @ symbol representing businesses’ digital readiness.

AT Worthy is more than just a company or a service. It’s a belief in the transformative power of digital technology. We recognize that every entity around the world should strive to be digitally worthy to meet and exceed the ever-evolving expectations of customers. And to ensure the greatest, smoothest, and most sustainable relationship with their customers.

Our mission at AT Worthy is to measure this digital worthiness. We aim to reward those making significant digital strides and guide those aspiring to do the same. Digital worthiness is not just about keeping up – it’s about leading the charge into a future where every interaction is digitally facilitated, seamlessly efficient, and primarily, customer-focused.

My co-founders and I built a business model around the concept of Digital Worthiness. It was clear that Software as a Service (SaaS) was the best way to deploy a platform allowing businesses to assess their digital worthiness and obtain a rating to distinguish themselves from less digitally progressive companies.

The next step was to define the benchmark against which we would assess companies’ Digital Worthiness. For example, what should a hotel in the hospitality industry do to make the customer journey – before, during, and after the stay – completely digital? With this understanding, we created industry-specific questionnaires to assess what companies have done compared to this benchmark.

We’ve received feedback and questions from industry experts and professionals that further clarified the needs of our potential customers. These inputs validated our concept and highlighted the demand for such a label, not just in the hospitality industry but across various sectors.

A customer’s digital experience begins from the moment they consider their purchasing act. In today’s world, the quality of the product or service itself is no longer sufficient. Customers expect to interact digitally at every touchpoint in their journey, from considering a business to evaluating consumption options, visiting your premises, and beyond. Businesses need to make their customers’ experiences enjoyable, immersive, and shareable.

Our Digital Rating assesses how much a business has invested in digital technology to meet the needs of today’s tech-savvy customers. It places a business on the journey your guests take with you, demonstrating how well you meet their needs even before they visit.

Taking inspiration from the traditional “star rating” as a quality measure, the AT (@) symbolizes an entity’s digital worthiness. It assesses how the entity uses digital technology throughout its customers’ journey: before, during, and after.

The Digital Rating is calculated based on a self-answered questionnaire that assesses an entity’s digital worthiness. This questionnaire covers six categories: Web, Mobile, Digital Property, Digital Media, Connectivity, and Customer Relations.

Our platform offers three key features:

  • Certificate: Complete our questionnaire, earn your Digital Worthiness certificate, and proudly showcase your digital excellence to the world.
  • Dashboard: Use our intuitive dashboard to guide your decisions, gauge your competitive standing, and track your progress in digital worthiness.
  • Marketplace: Access our marketplace of vetted providers, ready to assist you in improving your digital worthiness efficiently and effectively.

AT Worthy’s story is born from a simple observation, nurtured by the recognition of an emerging trend, and driven by a passion for rewarding digital evolution. This story continues to unfold, one digital experience at a time. Let’s keep customers happy no matter where they find us.