QR Code Customer Engagement Best Practices

The last pandemic of Covid-19 was probably the period you used QR Codes the most. It’s been there since 1994! Due to a particular situation, brands are increasingly aware of the importance of such digital assets in customer engagement.

Beyond a contactless experience in a restaurant (starting with a QR Code menu), QR Code Customer Engagement best practices are suitable for countless contexts.

QR Code Customer Engagement

QR Codes to Improve Guest Engagement

QR Code Guest Engagement

In the Hospitality Industry, scan codes are of significant importance. There are different customer touchpoints during a guest journey; at the lobby, at the bar, in the elevator, in the room, around the pool…

One way to use QR Codes is to consider them as a unique opportunity at each interaction.

For instance, their implementation can (and should) be adapted to each “user story”.

In the lobby, it would be great to connect to the internet by scanning a QR Code, while another QR Code in my room allows me to access the hotel’s mobile app and enjoy room services.

One can also think of QR Codes as a “phygital” asset; a physical sticker that leads to a digital feature. Seen this way, it’s a massive opportunity since you know where your customer physically is without having to ask for GPS-based localization. Now, when I scan a QR Code in my room, I expect you to call me by my name and ask me if I want to order the same drink I had at the bar twice during my stay!

QR Codes for Smart Retail Experiences

Retail is the past. Long life to Smart Retail!

There are other myriad QR Code implementations when shopping in a store or a mall. Of course, that can help connect to the Wifi or mobile app. Still, you have to think about it as a powerful phygital asset.

Next to each store aisle or shelf, a unique QR Code can help me:

QR Code for Smart Retail
  • Access a size guide;
  • Check if my size is available in this store (or another one nearby, or if I can order it online and pick it up here the day after…);
  • Ask for a salesperson or a personal shopper to assist me;
  • Give me ideas of combinations based on a specific item;
  • Start an Instagram or Facebook story with a VR filter to show that particular item on me, and instantly ask friends for their thoughts;
  • And so on.

Obviously, these options are strictly related to that aisle’s or shelf’s products.

Additional QR Code Digital Engagement use-cases

You got it: The sky (or your imagination) is the limit.

Never forget: QR Codes are still printed and stuck on some surface. So, it’s a great way to reinforce your branding!

The more you show your branding, the more it sticks. Did you work on QR Code branding?

Happy “QR Coding” to you, and comfortable scanning to your valuable customers!

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