Carrefour’s Digital Transformation Journey and the Role of Digital Worthiness

Carrefour, a global retail leader, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to using digital solutions to enhance the shopping experience for all its customers. With innovative initiatives such as the Self Scanning service in France and the Network Transformation program in Italy, Carrefour is embracing digital transformation to streamline its operations and cater to customers’ needs more effectively.

This dedication to digital innovation is further highlighted by the launch of Carrefour’s Digital Retail Strategy 2026, which aims to transform the company into a Digital Retail Company by placing digital and data at the heart of all its operations and value creation models.
One example of Carrefour’s digital innovation is the launch of a digital interactive toy brochure in Spain in 2022. This brochure features 3D images of 100 products and includes a virtual space with games, augmented reality, and animations. This initiative not only enhances the shopping experience but also serves as a testament to Carrefour’s commitment to leveraging technology to meet customers’ evolving needs.

In addition, Carrefour has created a Digital Retail Showroom at its Massy headquarters. According to Elodie Perthuisot, Carrefour’s Chief E-Commerce, Digital Transformation, and Data Officer & EXCOM member, this showroom allows Carrefour’s teams to test and showcase various digital innovations, such as the Pick&Pack e-commerce order preparation system, warehouse-assisted preparation systems, and SmartPoS, the new checkout system. The showroom also hosts informational sessions on trends impacting the retail industry, including artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, and data analytics. Through these initiatives, Carrefour demonstrates its commitment to becoming a Digital Retail Company and involving all its teams in the transformation process.

Carrefour’s Digital Retail Strategy 2026 revolves around four key drivers:

  1. Acceleration of e-commerce: Carrefour aims to triple its e-commerce GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) by 2026, reaching €10bn. The Group plans to increase investments in digital by around 50%, with a €3bn dedicated plan between 2022 and 2026. Carrefour also aims to establish leadership in high-growth formats such as express delivery, quick commerce, B2B, and non-food categories.
  2. Ramp-up of Data & Retail Media: Carrefour seeks to become the European leader in Data & Retail Media, a rapidly growing market that should reach €30bn globally in 2024. Carrefour Links, the company’s Data & Retail Media platform, enables marketing campaigns across all Group assets and measures their end-to-end impact, from visibility to sales transactions.
  3. Digitization of financial services: Carrefour has built a strong presence in financial and insurance services through its five banks and commercial agreements. The Group plans to leverage its Brazilian bank as a center of expertise and innovation to develop new financing and insurance products and services in every country where it operates.
  4. Deep transformation of traditional retail through digital: Carrefour aims to be a fully Cloud-based company by 2026. This digital transformation will drive profound changes in traditional business processes, including pricing, assortment strategy, activity forecasts, logistics, supply flows, and administrative processes.

In order to stay at the forefront of innovation and emerging technologies, Carrefour is establishing a dedicated Venture Capital Fund. This fund will be managed by a leading venture capital company, in line with Carrefour’s strategic guidelines, and will enable the Group to acquire minority stakes in startups related to its business lines. Additionally, Carrefour plans to create an innovation studio to accelerate the development of startups in areas related to the Group’s core businesses.

The Digital Retail Strategy 2026 is a testament to Carrefour’s commitment to embracing digital transformation and creating an exceptional customer experience. By investing in digital innovation, data-driven decision-making, and sustainable business practices, Carrefour is poised to become a leading Digital Retail Company that places customers at the heart of its operations. This transformation will not only benefit Carrefour and its employees but also contribute to a more accessible, convenient, and environmentally responsible retail experience for all customers.

As Carrefour embarks on its ambitious digital journey, the partnership with innovative startups like AT Worthy can play a pivotal role in further enhancing the shopping experience for all customers, especially those with disabilities. AT Worthy’s data-driven platform, which focuses on improving digital worthiness for businesses, aligns with Carrefour’s vision of inclusivity and digital transformation.

The collaboration between Carrefour and AT Worthy could potentially lead to the development of innovative solutions for customers, making the shopping experience more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. By leveraging data and digital technology, Carrefour and AT Worthy can work together to identify areas for improvement and implement effective strategies to create a truly inclusive retail environment.

One crucial aspect of digital transformation in retail is ensuring that digital solutions are inclusive and accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities. Carrefour acknowledges this challenge and actively seeks innovative solutions to improve accessibility in its stores. The company is sponsoring the VivaTech Pitch Contest for the 2023 edition, focusing on solutions that “Accelerate the inclusion of our customers with disabilities in Carrefour stores.”

AT Worthy, the world’s unique digital worthiness rating platform, has applied to participate in the VivaTech Pitch Contest, presenting the “Digital Worthiness” concept as a solution that aligns with Carrefour’s – and retail leaders’ – objectives. Our platform evaluates businesses’ digital efforts to improve customer experience, emphasizing accessibility and inclusivity for customers with disabilities. By leveraging data-driven algorithms and industry-specific questionnaires, we provide actionable insights that empower businesses to implement targeted improvements and create a more inclusive shopping experience.

In the case of Carrefour, our platform could help the retail giant further enhance its digital offerings to serve customers with disabilities better. By integrating AT Worthy’s digital worthiness rating system into Carrefour’s existing digital solutions, such as the Self Scanning service and many others, we could help Carrefour create an even more accessible and inclusive shopping environment.

Moreover, our platform offers a digital worthiness rating, represented by a grade from 1 to 5 @s, with the @ symbol reflecting our focus on digital technologies. This rating system enables businesses to assess their current digital worthiness status, implement improvements, and continuously monitor their progress towards creating a more inclusive and accessible customer experience.

Carrefour’s sponsorship of the VivaTech Pitch Contest and its dedication to improving accessibility in its stores should be applauded.

By seeking out innovative solutions like AT Worthy’s digital worthiness rating platform, Carrefour is showcasing its commitment to creating a better shopping experience for all customers, including those with disabilities. Embracing digital transformation and ensuring the inclusion of all customers is the way forward for the retail industry, and Carrefour’s efforts in this area serve as a shining example for others to follow.

In conclusion, Carrefour’s Digital Retail Strategy 2026 and its focus on digital transformation, data-centric decision-making, and environmental responsibility set the stage for a more inclusive, accessible, and sustainable retail experience.

By partnering with startups like AT Worthy, Carrefour can further accelerate its digital transformation journey while also improving the shopping experience for disabled customers. Together, these efforts will undoubtedly contribute to a more inclusive and innovative retail landscape in the years to come.



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