AT Worthy Technology Inc Announces Its Intent to Apply for Two New Top-Level Domains: .rating and .worthy

Arlington, VA — September 30, 2023 – AT Worthy Technology Inc, the innovative enterprise behind the groundbreaking “Digital Worthiness” concept, is thrilled to announce its intent to apply for two new top-level domains (TLDs) – .rating and .worthy. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the company’s ethos of enhancing digitally enabled experiences and providing authoritative platforms that elevate brand prominence in an ever-increasing digital universe.

ICANN’s Recent Developments

Recent board resolutions from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organization overseeing the coordination of the Internet’s naming system, have provided key insights into the next round of new gTLD programs. In this context, AT Worthy has decided to reveal its ambitious plans. Our Founder, Khaled Koubaa, who has substantial involvement with ICANN governance—serving on its Board from 2016 to 2019 and being an expert in ICANN matters since 2005—comments: “This strategic direction is an extension of our commitment to democratizing digital worthiness. It offers enhanced specificity and gives a clear voice to brands that want to underline their investment in quality and digital capability.”

The Purpose and Role of .rating and .worthy

In a digital age ruled by consumer trust, brand integrity, and the quality of user experience, these new TLDs promise to be cornerstones in the evolving digital rating ecosystem curated by AT Worthy Technology Inc.

  • .rating: This TLD will be open to public registration and aims to serve as a hub where institutions and platforms can acquire a .rating domain to showcase their various types of ratings, be it star ratings or other forms. This represents a democratization of the rating system, providing a centralized space for conveying trust and quality.
  • .worthy: This TLD will be available exclusively to AT Worthy’s customers. It will function as a public profile space where companies can display their digital worthiness as evaluated by AT Worthy’s proprietary AI-powered ‘@’ ratings.

These TLDs are designed to dramatically amplify the opportunities for startups and established businesses, emphasizing the role of digital worthiness in modern commerce. AT Worthy Technology Inc. encourages ICANN and its leadership to expedite the initiation of the New TLD Program.

Future Endeavors

AT Worthy will remain actively involved in discussions and preparations within the ICANN community, offering its particular insights and experience as a private company. It is committed to contributing constructively to the future landscape of TLD governance, benefitting global digital ecosystems.

About AT Worthy Technology Inc
AT Worthy Technology Inc. is a global technology company that introduced the concept of “Digital Worthiness,” a measure of a brand’s capacity to offer digitally enabled experiences. Through its AI-powered ratings, AT Worthy aims to elevate a brand’s digital presence, allowing customers to make informed choices. The company offers ratings on a grade of 1 to 5 @s, symbolizing a brand’s digital worthiness.



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